In a recent report released by the IMF, China was named the world’s second largest economy with a GDP of over 10 trillion USD. The electronic sector of the Chinese economy is experiencing a boom. With new firms joining the market on almost a monthly basis, causing the prices of electronics products in china to drop consistently due to the increasing supply in the market. For some decades now, China has topped the list of largest electronics exporter of the world with a total of almost $1.9 trillion of electronic exports mainly to the western countries, the Middle East and the sub-continent.


History of electronics industry in China:

The electronic industry in China grew exponentially after the economic reforms brought in by Deng Xiaoping, the leader of the communist party in China, in 1958. These reforms included the Chinese economy to become a more free market economy by privatizing firms and making the currency free floating and self-determined. The manufacturing sector benefitted the most from these reforms and grew quickest compared to all other sectors. By 2005, electronic industry made up almost 17% of the country’s GDP and China started extensive research in this particular department. This can clearly be seen by the fact that china was named the world’s largest market for personal computers in 2011.


Largest electronic companies in China:

  • Changhong: This electronic company based in Mianyang region was founded in late 1958. Changhong produces the second highest amount of televisions in China and produced 90% of the total televisions exported to the United States lately. Employing more than 40,000 people, Changhong is one of China’s electronic tycoon
  • Haier: Famous for its home appliances, Haier group is one of Chinas largest electronic This multinational company produces air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines and microwave ovens. Recently, Haier started producing mobile phones and tried getting a share in the smart phone industry but couldn’t do really well. Since 2008, Haier has had the worlds largest market share for home appliances mainly, refrigerators and washing machines.
  • Huawei: In 2012, Huawei took over Ericsson to become the world’s largest telecommunication equipment manufacturer in the world. Huawei mainly focuses on research and development as almost half of its total staff of 170,000 works in the R&D department. Having 21 R&D institutes across the world, Huawei spend a fortune on research in order to improve efficiency and launch next generation products in the competitive Chinese market.




  • Phone Systems: China has forever been famous for its low price, low quality products, but the Chinese government demanded all smart phone companies in China to improve quality of the smart phone produced in the region. The Chinese smart phones such as Huawei and Qmobile give high competition to renowned brands like Apple and Samsung in the sub-continent. In 2015, mobile phone exports from China amounted to almost $215 billion.
  • Computers: Computers are the seventh most traded product in the world and china is one of its highest exporter. Total Chinese computer exports made a total of around $150 billion with most number of computers exported to Japan, Australia, Gulf region and the sub-continent







Employees are the most important asset of a company. Having a loyal and hardworking team of employees is what a company needs to progress and make a fine place in the competitive market. There are a lot of ways to encourage the employees to keep improving their work skills and contribute to the progress of the company.

Employers are well aware that only a happy employee will put in all his or her efforts to the betterment of the company. So, they use different tactic, such as:

  • Holiday trip
  • Incentives
  • Bonuses
  • Increments
  • Insurances
  • Medical facilities
  • Children education expense
  • Gift cards
  • Awards and appreciation

All of the above mentioned tactics are for the benefit of the company. They give incentives and increments once a year, the employee remains happy and satisfied with his workplace and keep giving the same value of hard work and dedication. An easiest way to make the employees loyal and dedicated is presenting them with gift cards. This tactic is becoming famous as it does not take a lot of planning and expense.

Comprehensive present

Gift cards are a comprehensive present to the employee from the employer. Companies buy gift cards from the retailers and various brands in bulk and present them to their employees on their extraordinary performances. A lot of employers’ present gift cards related to:

  • Executive clothing brands
  • Executive shoe brands
  • Five start restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Saloon and spa services
  • Grocery gift cards
  • Family trips

All these gift cards are directly or indirectly purchased from the companies behind them, and presented to the employees. Sometimes employers add these gift cards to the yearly cash bonuses or wait for an occasion.

Most of the employees claim to get gift cards on Christmas, Easter, Independence day, Mother’s day, Father’s day and when they achieved a milestone for the company. All these things add to the loyalty and commitment of an employee towards his or her company.

Personalized gift cards

As employers have complete information about each and every employee of the company, so they are also well aware of their living standards and requirements. What employers do in such cases is that they wait for an occasion or an extraordinary performance by a particular employee and then reward them with personalized gift cards.

These include health insurances, medical facilities, transportation facilities, telecommunication bills, smartphone vouchers and many more. With these personalized gift cards, employees get to fulfill their personal needs and wants. Not everyone would be interested to go to a free trip to Hawaii, with a sick kid at home. His priority would be to get medical supervision for his kid. Here is when employers intervene and award employees with personalized gift cards. In this way the need is fulfilled and ultimately employee is dedicated towards its work even more than before.


Gift cards are a source of happiness for everyone. Employers have made use of gift cards as a reward for their employees. It is a great way to retain the best employees.

Here is why you should cherish Health

Here is why you should cherish Health

Health is an interlinking relationship between the physical and mental well-being of an individual. Prior to this knowledge, it was commonly believed that the nonexistence of an ailment means being healthy. However the meaning of being healthy can vary greatly between individuals for some may think of it as the mental fitness and strength while some may relate it to the physical well-being. Nevertheless, both of these “sub-divisions” are interconnected to determine the overall vigor of individuals.

Components of Health

Health is more like a meal that is enjoyed by bringing together various ingredients. These ingredients are in this case components that are the determinants that ensure a happy life for any individual. The internal components include the flexibility, endurance, muscle strength and resistance, muscular dimensions, effectual working of the body organs and body weight. The secondary components have a greater and stronger influence on an individual and these include the environment one lives in, mental and intellectual capacity, speed, coordination, reflex actions, climatic changes, food intake etc.

Physical Health

This is an indicator to a good, active body. Physical health is an all-together output of an active daily lifestyle, following the right diet in co-relevance to the composition of the body. There are a number of factors that work in alliance to determine the well-being of an individual. These include basic nutrition, abstaining from high intake of carbs, alcohol abuse or drugs, ensuring hygiene and sleeping well.

Mental Health

Not long ago, mental health was disregarded completely and not given much of a thought. Time has now changed and so has the importance of mental well-being in the lives of individuals. Now people value the mental and emotional health as much as the physical. Moreover, it is no secret that the physical and mental wellbeing are the determinants of overall health.

How to adapt a Healthy Life style?

There are some basic steps that pay the key role in building and leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sleep, sleep and sleep well! From childhood till old age, one thing that is greatly emphasized on and cherished is a good night’s sleep. Studies reveal that sleep deficiency can cause one to overeat by releasing hormones in the body that cause hunger pangs.
  • Enjoy your food but choose healthy. There is always a healthier option for everything. There are good carbs and bad carbs and the choice is yours to make the wiser move. Coconut oil over canola, honey over refined sugars, fruit infused drinks over fizzy ones, whole meal over burgers, whole wheat over flour, sweet potatoes over potatoes and the list just keeps going on and on.
  • Walk and counting your steps. Studies reveal that walking 1500 steps a day can prevent a lot of harm from coming including heart problems, obesity, hypertension etc.
  • Creative quests have been established as the basis to diminish trauma and offer abundant health welfares
  • Your perspective of life is at the end of the day the one thing that makes or breaks, so make sure you smile a lot and keep yourself happy to enjoy the good in life.
Special Offer Using coupon codes





Saving money is the main concern for most of us these days. No one wants to spend a lot of money on routine items. Even when shopping out of your league, like something out of routine, like furniture, carpeting, electronics, you would not mind having a little discount or at least free shipment. For all such kind of small wishes shopaholics have, marketers invented coupon codes. You can use these coupon codes while shopping online and save a little percentage on the total bill. Sometimes, the saving is equal to the amount of shipment you have to pay to the manufacturer.

Using coupon codes

Using coupon codes

Using coupon codes while shopping is the safest and most convenient way to save money. they are available for a lot of products and even services. A lot of websites offer these codes which you have to type in before you complete your shopping.

In such a busy routine, where one might not have time to go to a physical store to buy stuff, coupon codes is a blessing. If you are a regular online shopper, then online coupon codes are a gift to you. You can sue them to save up on your purchases. On coupon codes you get discounts from 10% to 70%. It also depends on the brand and item you are shopping for. There are usually bigger discounts of daily use items, however there are smaller but reasonable discounts on bigger items like electronics and furniture. Almost 785 of online shopper use coupon codes to get discounts. According to them no matter how small the discount is, they still have to pay less than what they were supposed to pay otherwise. No one minds saving a few bucks, and using them elsewhere.

Other than financial discounts and free shipments, coupon codes can also get you free items. Sometimes websites offer you free drinks with grocery you buy online. An online shopping website offers free item worth the amount you have spent shopping from them, keeping in mind that the item given for free will be from the same product line. It is never bad to get something for what you do not have to pay.

An advice

Special Offer Using coupon codes

It is advised by online shopping websites to look for coupon codes. It saves all the hustle of buying newspapers or magazines and cutting out coupons from them. Having coupon codes can do the same for you, saving all the hustle also. Entering coupon code gets you an automated discount in your bill. In case of free gift, an email will be dropped in which you will be notified of the gift you will receive or the options you have of free gifts to choose from.


Where coupons are of benefit to the buyer they are of similar benefit to the manufacturer. It is a sort of advertisement tool used by companies, so more and more people come to know about their products. Coupon codes usually have no adverse effects. They are issued for a variety of products, and usually have no expiration date.